Have you ever wondered which state has the most golf courses? Or which state has the most golf courses per total land area (you know, so you can get from one course to the next quicker)? We've done the research for you. Check out the charts below and the summary beneath it.

It's no surprise here that Florida takes the title for state with the most golf courses. The top 3 are probably included in anybody's top guess, but from number 4 on it gets pretty wild. I never would have guessed Michigan to be in the top 5, or 10. Michigan's golfing season (avg. monthly temperature above 60) lasts only 6 months. Compared with number 3, Texas, who's golfing season lasts all year long, and it only has 9 more courses.

Also of note, major golfing state and Beach-Goer Mecca, South Carolina (golfing season of 10 months), came in at 16th place. Check out below how your state fared in the courses per land area test. Which state do you think has the most courses by area? The answer may surprise you.

That may have been a trick question as the District of Columbia isn't a state at all. Take note that the top 6 States/Districts only make up 42% of Florida's land area, together. Which state surprised you?

Sources: www.census.gov and www.usclimatedata.com