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80BREAKR™ makes golf more fun, easier to compete, & the ONLY app with yardage at-a-glance. Isn’t that how a golf app is supposed to be?

Full round stats, Game Planning, Game Improvement, with fun features on the way like live leaderboard, hole overview graphics, and more!

80 Breakr Golf App

80 Breakr Golf App

80BREAKR™ is on a mission to help golf courses thrive and to help EVERY amateur golfer improve.

We help golf courses thrive by partnering with them so they can offer  a mobile app solution for their course for no $ down, and no maintenance costs. They simply put up a “download 80BREAKR” sign to help grow the 80BREAKR™ Golfer Network and in exchange they get access to market to that database at a partner price.  They also get to instantly improve their beverage cart system via the Beer Me™ button on the scorecard, get access to in-app banner & native ads at a partner price, and get advanced geo-fencing and push notification ads.  All ads to the 80BREAKR Golfer Network feature hyper-targeted ads based upon golfer analytics.  Find out more here.

We help golfers improve by making golf more fun, easier, and bringing them  new ideas & technology on the best golf scorecard app available.  From reduced price golf balls & equipment, to easier GPS, easier scorecard, easier competitions, easier golf improvement, and easier ways to get the beverage cart, 80BREAKR makes golf more fun.  Easier and more fun, with tools to easily measure your game where it counts: on the course.  This enables the amateur to focus their limited practice time, which leads to lower scores.  Good golf is more fun!

Helping Amateurs improve: the story!

The golfing industry thinks we all should be happy that in 25 years, the average male golfer has improved about 12%.

You should NOT be happy improving 0.5% per year.  In the last 25 years, with dramatic improvements in equipment, golf balls, and course conditions, why would a golfer shooting 100 be happy dropping 1 stroke every other year?  If you want to break 80 for an 18 hole regulation course, you would need about 42 years to go from 100 to 79.

I guess the USGA thinks golfers live hundreds of years.  Tell me a pro that picked up a golf club that would think it’s perfectly fine to take 50 years to break par?

Good golf is more fun, a LOT more fun, than bad golf.  At 80BREAKR, we’re dedicated to making golf easier, faster, more fun, and helping you improve.  We’re not hawking a method, nor an approach, nor any special practice gizmo. We’re here to say it’s not ok to take lessons with no improvement.  It’s not ok to sell the amateur golfer a story that makes them spend hard-earned cash year after year dreaming of better scores with little, if any, real improvement.  Don’t settle!   Don’t settle for bad golf, and never settle for a bad golf app.  Everyone has good shots and great shots they can hit, let’s figure out together how to let those be more frequent in your golf game.

The company founder is an avid golfer and life-long bogey golfer (or worse).  In 2012 he was playing with a friend that just started golfing a few months earlier, and the friend almost beat him.  Not ok!  That began his quest to improve.  He took lessons from a national chain, and his scores didn’t improve.  He bought new clubs, nothing happened.  Finally, he started looking at golf apps that might help.

Not only did they not help, they were all terrible.  Multiple screen changes, too many taps, and they disrupted the game.  None even did a fair job of making a scorecard that looks and works like a paper scorecard at the check-in desk.  That’s how 80BREAKR was born, out of the frustration of other golf apps, and a belief that not only is good golf possible. Perhaps the golfing industry has a bit of a self-interest to keep you from improving too much?

80BREAKR is not only our name, it’s in our DNA.  The 80BREAKR golf app was created to easily record on-course shot assessment that came from initial improvement spreadsheets.  This method to improve in the 80BREAKR App was integrated into the best mobile app scorecard with improvements in GPS implementation, competing or betting with friends, with a look and feel of a real golf scorecard.

Don’t settle! Improve your golf game

Don’t settle! Improve your golf game

To be clear, we think PGA professionals are amazing, and we think a good golf coach or a good professional golf teacher won’t be happy taking your money if you don’t improve.  We’re talking about the big conglomerates that dominate the golfing world.  Take matters into your own hands, and refuse mediocrity!  We’re here to help!

80BREAKR is the best golf app out there, with Game Improvement built-in to the scorecard to accurately assess your on-course shots.  We have golf blogs, references for golf articles, and are working hard with golf courses all over the world to broaden the 80BREAKR golfer network.

If your course is not part of the 80BREAKR golfer network, ask them why not.  Tell them you want to use the “Beer Me” button on their course to celebrate your golf improvement achievement.