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Golf Guide Directory was built from the ground up by golfers, for golfers to help them explore and find a golf course they have interest in playing.

We have created the opportunity to search in several different ways, such as golf courses near me function, by golf course name, by city and state. We also, included a map function so they can go into the satellite view and see the golf course layout.

Golf Course Owner needs 2 things from Golfers and that’s “Trial” & “Frequency.”

“Trial” is you want the golfer to try your course and “Frequency” is you want them to come back and bring their friends.

You have found a way to do that here!

Here is what you need to do so our golfers can find you:

  1. verify your golf course info so that golfers looking for a golf course have all the right information.

  2. claim your listing in Golf Guide Directory to get a preferential listing in golf course searches.

  3. choose additional cost-effective marketing & advertising campaigns to actively find and engage new golfers.

  4. Watch the video “How To Claim Your Listing” to the right.

How to claim your listing!

Give your guest a digital scorecard with free GPS!

We have partnered with 80BREAKR™ because their mission to help golf courses thrive & help amateur golfers

fits perfectly with Golf Guide Directory’s business.    80BREAKR™ created the best golf scorecard mobile app

with every golf course loaded that is the easiest & the most fun for golfers.  Their golf course services help golf

courses improve both value and revenue at golf courses and all a golf course needs to do is put up a free download

sign at check in.  You can click the 80BREAKR™ logo to find out more, or watch the short video below to learn how 80BREAKR™ can help your golf course add value & boost revenue.

80 Breakr Golf Free App Download

Free 80 Breakr Golf App Download for android!
Free 80 Breakr Golf App Download for android!

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Click for free download on-the-app-store

What We Do!

Digital advertising is the tactic of leveraging the internet and its properties to deliver promotional ads to consumers on various channels.

The first thing you can do is get your golf course on the directory listing and claim it!

The old saying “No Sign, No Business,” still holds true today with golf courses!

Verifying your listing is free to do, and you should search our database of golf course listings to make sure your course is listed, and that the listing information is correct. Click this link and search now: https://golfguidedirectory.com/

Type the golf course Name and State into the search bar!

Next step would be to claim your listing, this will allow you to feature your listing with a picture and help you stand out, turns on your sign if you will and let golfers know your open for business.

You can claim your listing for only $120 a year, that is only $10 a month and a very affordable way to turn on your sign for the golfer to see!

We can do a whole lot more too with additional marketing services listed below.

Contact us today at info@golfguidedirectory.com


Digital advertising has evolved considerably since the first clickable ad hit the internet in 1994. Today, instead of advertising creating noise that distracts from the content your buyers want to read, digital advertising can be part of an ongoing conversation that your brand has with its customers. Digital ads are everywhere. They can be seen on the websites your buyer visits, on her mobile phone, on social media channels, and on her smartwatch. Because DEFINING DIGITAL ADVERTISING/ advertising proliferates across so many channels, including very personal channels, you need to be more cognizant than ever before about providing useful, engaging content.

Ad Package A, B, C.

info@golfguidedirectory.com for details

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