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Garsen Golf 2018

By John Stallings

I have to admit, I am part of the crowd that for years now has struggled with my putting.

After dozens of putter design try’s it occurred to me to have a look at my hands, and that took me to the very thing my hands were connected to, the grip. We all forget that the hands are the extension to the club face, so it made sense to me to have a look at my hands and ask myself a few questions. Are my hands in a comfortable position, is that position natural? No was the answer to this question and how in the world could I expect good results if the above question is not answered with a yes.

This is where the story starts for me and my research leads me to the Garsen Golf Company run by Bernerd Garsen.

The difference in his grip is that the top is an inverted V shape, putting the hands in a neutral position by placing one thumb on each side of the grip. This, in turn, he said, pulls the elbows in close to the body, pushes the shoulders back and removes tension.

“I was an assistant golf pro, and just by working with people and being around golf, I saw that people had a lot of wrist breakdown,” Garsen said, explaining why he set out to reinvent the putter grip. “The putter grip hasn’t been changed in ages except for size and material. This is a new shape, a new design.”

Bernerd Garsen CEO

Bernerd Garsen CEO


Bernerd Garsen, President & CEO of Garsen Golf has come full circle with the launch of the G-Pro Edge Putter Grip from when his love of golf began at age 10. For the past 12 years, he’s worked in the South Florida golf industry as a manager in outside services and most recently as an assistant golf pro.

During this time, he had the opportunity to listen to the individual needs and frustrations of thousands of golfers from all over the world and it all pointed to putting. This gave Mr. Garsen the idea of creating the perfect putter grip. Further research guided him in its development, revising several prototypes with close input from professional golfers and high-handicappers to arrive at this final version of the G-Pro Edge.

Mr. Garsen learned the game of golf from his father while growing up in California. His passion for the game continued even while becoming a motocross racer at 16 and racing professionally from 18 to 21. In his twenties, Mr. Garsen launched a successful fashion career in Spain, modeling for Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace. He quickly transitioned from fashion to starring in hundreds of television commercials, billboards and print advertising campaigns for top European brands like Leche Pascual and Corte Ingles in Spain; Assos Cigarettes and Bravo Coffee in Greece and worldwide campaigns for BMW Motorcycles, Cunard Cruises, Volvo, MasterCard, and Iberia Airlines to name a few. While working around the world, Mr. Garsen always made time for playing golf. Mr. Garsen has other innovative putter grips in development. He lives in Miami and is married to television journalist and former Miami Herald columnist, Daisy Olivera.

We have the new Quad TourProto on the desk first and I look forward to learning more about the relationship with my hands and the Garsen Grips abilities to put me into a better position to succeed with making more putts!

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Garsen Quad TourProto

Garsen Quad TourProto

More to come as soon as we get this grip installed, so stay tuned!

Garsen Grip Product Line

Garsen Grip Product Line