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Our website is SEO optimized to reach thousands of golfers searching for golf courses all across the United States.

Golf Guide Directory believes your listing on our website should do two important things:  Drive direct tee time bookings and generate rack rate revenue for your golf course!

We are well aware you have a website and social media presence, but is it enough if you don’t have traffic? Listing your course with Golf Guide Directory will help boost traffic and engage with golfers that are looking for a tee time.

We believe that getting golfers to go direct with the golf course is the more profitable and sustainable way to do business.

Let’s have a conversation about listing your course with Golf Guide Directory today and start booking more tee times.

Let Us Tell Golfers Where You Are.

huge crowdWe can tell your story and reach thousands of golfers who are looking for opportunities to discover something new.

We can create a unique listing for  your course that has proven to help you build more value and capture golfers attention.

Once your listing is created we blast it out across the social network that drives traffic directly back to your staff so they can engage and sell more golfers.

Now that’s a good marketing program that will get you results!

Be, Heard, Be Remembered and Book More Tee Times at Rack Rate!

Drone Video Production For Golf Courses



Check to see if your golf course is listed in our database in the search bar on the home page. Make sure your listing is free of errors and all the information is correct.


GGD Map Pin

GGD Map Pin

Lets put your picture in the box and help your golf course stand out when golfers find your listing.

A claimed listing helps you put a razors edge on your advertising budget and helps you build trust with golfers looking for a place to play.


Choose one of our marketing plans that best fits your budget.

Register your golf course and create your login to the dashboard.

Here you will see all the benifits of your listing in real time.

From your dashboard you can update your listing any time you want.

Email me with any questions and we will get you started today.


Lets Get Started!

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What We Do!

Digital advertising is the tactic of leveraging the internet and its properties to deliver promotional ads to consumers on various channels.

The first thing you can do is get your golf course on the directory listing and claim it!

The old saying “No Sign, No Business,” still holds true today with golf courses!

Verifying your listing is important to do, and you should search our database of golf course listings to make sure your course is listed, and that the listing information is correct. Click this link and search now: https://golfguidedirectory.com/

Type the golf course Name and State into the search bar!

Next step would be to claim your listing, this will allow you to feature your listing with a picture and help you stand out, turns on your sign if you will and let golfers know your open for business.

We want to help connect you with golfers directly, no middleman booking fees.

If you would like to feature your golf course on our landing page for all golfers to see, we would like to have a conversation about that soon!

We can do a whole lot more too with additional marketing services listed below.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Website Development, Coupon Distribution.

We know how busy you are just keeping things running so we can help with the marketing at a price you can afford.

Contact john@golfguidedirectory.com Today!

2020/2021 Golf Course Listing Rates

$120.00 a month

Subscribe for the year and get your course on the feature page for free!

Can make changes to your listing anytime and as many times to be effective.

Share our content out to your pages as well to keep your golfers coming to your site.

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