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Michael Midgette, PGA Class A Instructor

Michael Midgette, PGA Class A Instructor

First, I want to thank you for your interest in Golf Guide Directory and the instruction page. I am sure I have anything you need for your improvement needs.


I grew up on Long Island playing ice hockey, and started playing golf when I was 15 after attending the 2002 US Open was hosted at my home course in Bethpage Black. I attended a golf academy in Hilton Head Island, SC where I completed my High School Education, which was accompanied by golf instruction every day, and regular junior golf tournaments. Since I started, I have been receiving instruction from excellent golf instructors, and still take lessons to this day (if the best players in the world have instructors, I believe everyone needs one). Plus, I firmly believe once you stop learning, you stop progressing, not only in golf but in any aspect of life.


After graduating from Coastal Carolina’s Professional Golf Management program, I received a Class A Membership to the PGA, turned professional, and have been playing in tournaments all over the world. I have since been certified in Teaching & Coaching by the PGA, grew a clientele of Long Island golfers to over 250 students in less than 3 years, and have given over 1,000 lessons in that span (full swing, short game, playing lessons). The driving range I taught out of closed operations in July of 2017, which is when I moved on to split my time between Fort Lauderdale, FL and Myrtle Beach, SC.


Now, I am located on Long Island, working as an Assistant Golf Professional at Hempstead Golf & Country Club, as well as Teaching at Eisenhower Driving Range and running a Golf Specific Strength Program at Blocks Fit in Garden City, NY.


Below, you will find all the options I have for you, linked to the websites I have available for all your golf improvement needs.




GGD Staff Instruction

GGD Staff Instruction



No matter your skill level, Michael has plenty of options to improve your game. So whether you’d like to hone in on one area of your game or improve all together, Michael has it here for you. #TrustTheProcess


Whatever your weakness, add some direction to your practice and your play. Worry less about swing thoughts and more about how to play the game to the best of your ability!

It’s simple.

Film your swing from down the line and face on (Driver, Iron, or Short Game).

Send it to Go Golf

Get a reply with Michael’s analysis of your swing and a drill + a recommendation for a training product you can use to improve your action.


CLICK HERE (add  Your Swing Review) to submit your payment and get started on the right path to improvement.

Michael's Youtube Channel

Custom Improvement Programs

Selfie Golf Improvement Program

Users will receive the following:


  • A Selfie Golf Holster & Tour Sticks (included in the price)
  • Unlimited Swing Analysis (including Short Game and Putting)
  • FaceTime Sessions available 2x / month
  • A Golf Specific Fitness Program
  • Free 15 minute Mental Game Assessment with Mental Performance Coach David Mackenzie (Golf State of Mind)
  • On-Course Statistic Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Discounts on Training Aids, Equipment, & Apparel
  • Cost: $89.00 Initial Fee & $49.99 / Month Subscription.


10% off all services and products for Golf Guide Users with promo code: GOLFGUIDE

(Eligible for a discount on Play Better Distributor Products and all Go Golf Online Services)

Preview for my beginner course.

Play Better Distributors

Play Better Distributors

Play Better Distributors

The products available with Play Better are hand selected by Michael Midgette. He has tested these himself, with tips and drills posted on YouTube, and has used them with his students with nothing, but positive feedback from recommendations.


Our Mission


At Play Better Distributors, we are changing the way the golfing world looks at training aids for golf. 
First, we’re calling these devices “Improvement Products,” not training aids. Second, as a Class A Instructor, I feel products that provide feedback are necessary to help someone improve their games – between their lessons or just for them to have to use on their own, as long as it is right for their swing flaws and golf game. 

The foundation of this company is the Demo Day, which brings the golf community an opportunity to try these improvement tools out before actually purchasing them. These products built to improve your game are put through a certification process I have created to make sure that any golfer ant any level can use them for improvement. Basically, if a Tour Player couldn’t benefit from it, than you won’t find it here. 

Finally, a lot of people watch an infomercial with promises that certain products will improve their game. We put these products on display to make the proper recommendation to improve someone’s game. -Michael Midgette, Class A PGA Certified Professional



Visit to check out the selection of improvement products Michael has available.


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