Golf Guide Directory began as a regional golf directory magazine serving the East Tennessee region in 2014.

Since then, over 70,000 golfers come to Golf Guide Directory to find a place to play golf, to read PGA News and to see whats new with golf products and our business has morphed into a golf facilitator that serves the needs of golf courses and golf-related businesses across the United States.

Our plans are to offer the golfer a bird's eye view from our drone base service and offer the avid golfer the largest most complete detailed database of golf courses with affordable digital marketing solutions for our golf course and golf product partners in the golf industry.

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Our Story

Digital advertising has evolved

considerably since the first clickable

ad hit the internet in 1994. Today,

instead of advertising creating noise

that distracts from the content your

buyers want to read, digital

advertising can be part of an

ongoing conversation that your

Golf Course or Business has with its customers.

Digital ads are everywhere. They

can be seen on the websites your

buyer visits, on her mobile phone,

on social media channels, and on

her smartwatch. Because


advertising proliferates across so

many channels, including very

personal channels, you need to be

more cognizant than ever before

about providing useful, engaging


Digital advertising

is the tactic of leveraging the internet and its properties to deliver promotional Golf Course feature ads and Golf Product Reviews to Golf consumers on various channels.

What Is A Golf Course Feature?


A golf course feature is a detailed story about your golf course that is posted on our website.

Each feature will begin with a flyover video, with yardage markers if you so choose to help engage golfers in your feature story.

We boost the video out to many social channels where we know the golfers are and that brings them to your landing page where we can convert them to customers for you.


Golf Course Feature Links:

Golf Product Review:


Golf Course Services:

A full review of your course published on our website.

3 to 5 images to go with the story.

List course information and boost post to our social media pages for 90 days to help drive traffic.

You will get a report on engagement and you will see how we did.

This can be renewed to a different package and we will credit this amount towards another package.

3D Yardage Books

We print on anything Printing Services, Banners, Brochures, Scorecards Tournament promotional items.

Email us at for more information and cost.

Like it’s predecessor—traditional

advertising—a digital ad can help tell

the story of your brand. Unlike

traditional advertising, digital

advertising is more universal and

flexible, enabling you to tell your

brand story on the channels that

your buyers frequent—through text,

images, video, and more.

The advantage of digital over traditional print media like our Golf Guide Directory magazine of late is the reach, plane and simple.

We can reach thousands of golfers in the world they live in by digital advertising. Everyday golfers are on there phone, laptop, tablet or work computer, so you should be where they are if you expect them to hear your message.

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We're made up of a bunch of guys with a passion for the game of golf. We all want to see the game grow, and that is why we partnered together. "To Make Golf Great Again"!

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