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I grew up on Long Island playing ice hockey, and started playing golf when I was 15 after attending the 2002 US Open was hosted at my home course in Bethpage Black. I attended a golf academy in Hilton Head Island, SC where I completed my High School Education, which was accompanied by golf instruction every day, and regular junior golf tournaments. Since I started, I have been receiving instruction from excellent golf instructors, and still take lessons to this day (if the best players in the world have instructors, I believe everyone needs one). Plus, I firmly believe once you stop learning, you stop progressing, not only in golf but in any aspect of life.


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Ben Hogan wrote a book, “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” in 1957 that has served as a foundation for golf instructors and students of the game as the definitive reference for what the swing plane is and how to stay on the plane. On the more technical side, Homer Kelley helped codify hand, elbow, and shoulder planes in addition to the club shaft planes. Today, 50 years after Kelley’s publication of “The Golfing Machine”, you will still find many players and teachers with his or her own interpretation of what it means to be on a plane during the golf swing. Most will agree that the swing is always on an arc and the plane of that arc should be influenced by the design of the club. A useful visualization for a down the line view of the swing, one can imagine a plane line that runs from the club’s sweet spot through the belly button or sternum (depending on your swing preference) as a reference line for the golf shaft to travel on from hip to hip height.  A good training aid will allow the player to see, feel and understand where this plane is and provide feedback if they are on or off that plane. The important concept is that you have feedback on what the club is doing while you swing. Let’s look at a few products that can be useful at home or on the range to master this critical concept.

Sure-Set: To keep us on the plane on the downswing, rely on the Sure-Set by Dan Frost. Many people buy it to attain a wide, consistent swing arc with good depth, but really what the Sure-Set is doing is giving you an amplified feel of the transition move where the hips are starting to shift which shallows the club to a perfect downswing plane. Sure-Set is available both right and left-handed and can be used for ages 12 and up.

The Swing Plate: We import this durable metal plate from the UK where it is widely used by teachers and players as a swing plane reference. A standard alignment rod may be used, and the rod holder adjusts to any angle without having to clamp or lock anything. We really like the fact that it has enough weight to stay put on the range but is very compact and comes with a pouch for storage. There are two versions available, the original and the new DUAL model which extends the target line reference.

TRS - Tour Players

Tour Rotation Stick (TRS): Based on the drill where an alignment rod is held in the grip and runs just above the players lead to hip, the TRS locks onto the butt end of the grip and encourages players to preset their impact position as well as clear the hips through impact to a vertically hinging Fleetwood finish. If you want to get back to the basics of a good setup, good impact, and good ball contact due to an on-plane tour rotation, TRS points the way. This product can be used on any club with standard to mid-size grips.

Golf In Sync: Fun fact! All the products listed so far were developed by instructors from the United Kingdom but this one comes from Sweden. Golf In Sync is like the TRS in concept but a supersized version of the idea and really spells out the plane your club is on. It has been a favorite product of instructors as they started emphasizing arm body connection essentially simplifying the swing and reducing excess hand action to control the clubface. Check Eric Cogorno’s YouTube videos with Kevin Roman to learn more about different ways to square the clubface.

Chiliwacker: When it comes to visuals, the bumper arms of the Chiliwacker are like the field goal posts of a swing plane. Set the bars wide enough to feel comfortable and gradually start narrowing the opening between the arms as you progress toward swing plane perfection. You don’t have to go through the slot both up and down but you will find this product really brings awareness to any variation you have on your takeaway or downswing. Start slow and wide and move the club through the bumpers until the movement and feeling at full swing speed become second nature and you’re striping every shot!

There are plenty of other products that can help you achieve a good swing-plane. Swingyde, The Hanger, and Perfect Release come to mind, but so do many others. The fact is the club can only be on a plane if the body is set up to allow it to swing on a plane. The body swings the club, but it is important to have checkpoints that give you feedback when you are learning a new movement pattern. It is also important not only to acknowledge but to highlight the fact that you cannot treat the golf swing as a static entity. There are no positions in a golf swing once it is in motion. JB Holmes, Bubba Watson, Matthew Wolff, and Ryan Moore can tell you that. Each moment is paired with its own set forces that produce different feels for each player, a feeling that is unique and personal. As Hogan said, “The only technical thing about this swing is the explanation. There is a definite purpose behind every movement.”


Use the products above as a companion that compliments your learning process, and take some time exploring each segment of your swing until you can join the ongoing debate about what swing plane is and what it means to you!

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