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I have been an avid golfer for more than 30 years and I have been privileged to play all over the country. As I talked with course owners and managers, I noticed that they all had the same problem. They needed an affordable way to bring more golfers to their course. That is really the quest of every business owner, more business. For the golf course owner / manager the need is compounded by the fact that overhead is there whether business is or not! 

In 2014, I began working on a solution tailored to the golf course industry. I have developed a program that will promote your course through the internet, attracting customers who are ready to play golf NOW, and I want to tell them about your course.

Connecting Golfers

Here is how it works. We have a national database with every golf course in the US. We developed a platform where a golfer can search any area he may be planning to visit, or he can search for any golf course that is “near me”. The web site will pull up any golf courses within the radius he has selected i.e. 10 miles, 50 miles etc. The program will pull up a generic listing of golf courses in the area. For our “feature courses” it will pull up a listing with photos of your course, clubhouse, restaurant, or anything you choose to feature. The site is being updated and fine-tuned daily so upgrades will be coming fast and furious and you will get them automatically. There is no software for you to buy or load, but you will have the ability to customize your content on your feature page. We are really excited about a feature that we are working on now where a customer will be able to book a tee time with you directly from your listing. A lot of exciting features are in the development stage and will be added soon. 

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